Build Your Own Website?

Build Your Own Website?

1st September 2020 Off By fergy

If you listen to certain self-build web design companies building a web site is easy. No problem, you can build it yourself in just a few hours. Just click on a page, add a picture or two, some text and that’s it. Or is it?

Over the years we have dealt with a number of companies who have fallen into this trap. So why is building your own site in most cases a bad decision?

The answer lies with the idea that you can fix your own plumbing. Yes, sure you can fix the leaky pipes, but it will take hours to find out how to pull things apart and put them back together again and the same applies to Web Design which is actually an artform and of course the website itself is just the beginning.

How does the professional web designer approach a project? It starts with the server. Do you need a dedicated server or will shared one do? What software should be used for a particular project? How best to present a company its products and services? What about all the designy bits? Header style, graphics theme, buttons, sub-headers, how about making changes and that’s just for starters.

Then there is page load time. How do you ensure your page loads before the visitor clicks out? What does the visitor expect to see? What do they want to see to give them the necessary assurances?

What is the science of buying/responding on a website, because surely it is a science given that you have about a fifth of a second to stop new visitors clicking out.

What about responsiveness? At least 50% of web usage is now via phone and tablets. What steps are needed to make sure your website looks good whatever the device.

So in conclusion if you are prepared to go through the pain barrier of the learning curve and put a lot of study in, in relation to the finer points of web design, by all means have a go. The most effective route for your business however is to call in an expert and get the job done properly.

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