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Rock Off

1st June 2022 Off By fergy

Rockoff Trade are a UK based international company who are leaders in the Rock ‘n’ Roll merchandising business. FWC has driven the online business over a period of eight years from less than £10k per month to its current level of in excess of £1m per month. To match the growth of their trade business FWC were asked to propose a solution which could manage an on-line catalogue of 35,000 lines and act as the primary tool for receiving orders from their trade customers. Over the years the system has evolved into a complex but easy to maintain multi-level tool. An upgrade is in the planning stage which will incorporate the new Warehousing module whereby WebJaguar will replace most of the day-today accounting functions currently handled by Sage.

B2B Tiered Pricing System

Certain customers enjoy special discounts and the system is able to handle a variety of discounts and prices by Customer Group and by individual customer. The system also had to handle pre-orders where new lines are advertised with a future delivery date.

Variable Display Options

Given the plethora of size and colour options FWC designed a special Grid display system to make it easier for customers and prospects to identify the products they wished to purchase. Prices for products only show when a user is registered and approved by Rock Off.

Orders Downloaded into Sage Accounting

Because most orders received would need to be checked against in-coming stock from their manufacturing places, the system had to be able to structure an order and present a pro forma invoice which could be changed once stock and forward stock had been established. Orders received via the website also need to be automatically downloaded directly into their Sage order processing system. To achieve this FWC designed a middleware function to achieve this.

New Products Automatically Uploaded from Sage

Unlike many on-line systems, product changes and introductions are handled in Sage accounting which allows the company to use their internal purchase ordering system to be the trigger for adding a new line to the on-line catalogue. Each day an automated process takes new product data which passes through the middle-ware product and on up to the WebJaguar on- line system.  Once orders are processed an advice is automatically uploaded to the customers on-line account relaying the immediate status of the order.  The system also includes a “Dealer” facility which will allow dealers websites to be created as a subset of the main system. This sub system will be offered to selected dealers enabling the company to ensure the correct product, images, descriptions and prices are under the control of the master system.

Social Media

FWC also manage the Rock Off Social Media campaigns which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pin Interest. These expansion sites provide an increasing number of qualified leads for the ranges