Web Design & E-Commerce Fundamentals

Web Design & E-Commerce Fundamentals

3rd October 2020 Off By fergy

Web Design & E Commerce

We have been involved in the design and implementation of over 4,000 websites since 1997. Today’s websites are much more than just pages with pictures.

Todays modern websites take account of the many nuances that will push your presence beyond the basic web design. There are a number of crucial features that if designed into your website and implemented correctly, will increase traffic, sales, and conversion on your website/store.

In our experience we have found many users who have purchased a cheap website expecting it it to generate income overnight are hugely disapointed. This simply does not happen. Great websites are the culmination of technical excellence, marketing guile and multi channel exposure.

We consider many factors to ensure that you are the proud owner of a visually appealing, effective, and customised web site/store that will draw more attention from customers as well as match the personality of your brand.

Whether tweaking various elements within your already existing site or carrying out a complete re-design of your site, our team is ready to assist you.

Full Control

Additionally, once the site is designed and implemented, you will have full access and control over the various design elements with website’s easy-to-use (Content Management System) CMS.

Corporate Branding

We understand that competition on the internet is tough and achieving a unique position and competitive advantage becomes more and more difficult and expensive. A unique branding approach can cover the high R&D costs associated with differentiating your product from the competition.

Simply put, a corporate brand is a company’s most valuable asset. Branding in the classic sense is all about creating unique identities and positions for products and services, hence distinguishing your offerings from competitors.

We offer a highly competent and creative team of branding experts to help our clients benefit from a strong and well-managed corporate branding strategy.

Our branding efforts focus on the following areas: branding strategy, branding identity, web and mobile, SEO, logo design, and business email services.

Mobile E-Commerce and Modern Framework

Our products not only support responsive site design but have built in support for native mobile layout (Adaptive Design). It is built on an intuitive modern framework that gives the user ultimate flexibility in user interface and layout design based on best practices.

With a modern framework and native mobile support, you have full control and ultimate flexibility in designing a fully customised site that reflect your vision

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